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  • B2B Portal
What is the B2B Portal?

Our B2B Portal was designed to provide everything businesses need to know if they're buying, selling or specifying our products. One of the highlights is the Product Information section that brings all the product information and assets together into a single and convenient location.

Who can access the B2B Portal?

We will be releasing the portal to our commercial and trade accounts in the upcoming months. Right now the business it is only available to a few selected accounts. If you would like to be one of the first onboard, please, request an account.

How to place orders online?

If you have a business account you can easily place orders online. Just head to the Product Information section and choose one of the listings. From the list of products, you can click Add. Once you finished adding products, open your Shopping Cart and proceed to the checkout.

How to order multiple units of the same SKU?

Yes, once you added the items to your cart, open the Shopping Cart, and change the quantity of each item.

Is Credit Terms available at the checkout?

Pay on Terms is available to selected accounts. Please check our Credit Terms Policies & Procedures for more information.